Brad Johnson

براد جونسون

طائر العنقاء 土地Пират

About Me

Rising Tides

I'm an extrovert, who believes in the power of the community, I passionately believe that "A rising tide lifts all boats", empowering each other, and enabling kids to take part in their passions, we should be lowering the barrier of entry and closing the digital divide, providing the poor with empowering tools, and a strong education, allowing those who might not be able to afford the latest hardware, proprietary software, or a place in further education, an ability to have their skills realized, and a drive to a more open future, where even the poorest kids, can have hands on experience with projects well beyond them, and can contribute to the world around them.


I love tech, I've used Linux since 2012, I've been a community manager to UBports, I carry around my PinePhone, and host my own servers on linode, featuring a Ghost blog, a Gopher, Matrix and a ansible playbook server, I've also tried my hand at basic cli applications using SQL and Rust, and blog about my experiences with software and hardware like Ansible and the PinePhone.


I have a huge interest in different cultures, mythology and languages, I have written about Mythology and it's links to culture, I try to understand mythology and how it has helped people understand the world, or try to understand the lessons that mythology has tried to teach people from that culture, I wish to blog about Gods and Goddesses that existed before us, and I always hold Bastet quite close.

Art and Mental Health

Art can set you free, I am a strong believer in combining art with mental health for a multitude of reasons, one reason is to show the world to those who do not suffer, how one with a mental health issue would see the world, or perhaps even more importantly, how they do not. Art offers a way to express those who can't find the words, allows an escape, and is a space to allow for real navigation of a world that may never see the light in word alone, especially if the one suffering struggles with language. Art can help those suffering navigate the world around them better.

Hobby Links

I have many hobbies that I enjoy participating in, this is where some of the links to those hobbies reside.

Ghost is my personal blog website, this is where I blog about Mythology, Art and Mental Health, a few Tech things and there relativity to morality, and the such, basically more general write-ups of what I think/find important. is another blog website, however this is specifically for blogs related to computers, admin work, development, etc, it's less about concepts, and idea's, and more about the practical side of tech.

redcircle is where my podcast is hosted, currently the podcast is focused on talking to those in the tech industry, specifically those who are working in/on mobile operating systems, however I do hope to branch out to talk about a whole variety of different subjects and interests over time


If you wish to get in contact me, feel free to send me an email, or Message me on one of the following platforms.